Dream Team Wedding Giveaway  

 Date Booked.

 Venue Booked.

  • Wedding Planning services by
    Paulette Wolf Events & Entertainment, Inc.

  • Gowns by Vera Wang & Belle Vie Bridal Couture

  • Floral & Décor Design by Heffernan Morgan

  • Invitation by Pulp & Ink

  • Photography by Sheri Whitko Photography

Please download and complete the application to apply for achance to
be the winning wedding couple.  Be sure to fill outall required fields. 
You must answer all questions exceptwhere otherwise noted. 
After completing this application, print it out, sign it, attach a
couple photograph and mail it to the address below
Your completed application must be postmarked by
August 10th, 2009.

ATTN:  Erin Johnson
Paulette Wolf Events & Entertainment, Inc.
1165 North Clark Street, Suite 613
Chicago, IL 60610

Due Date Extended

1.  Preliminary Information 
Anyone considering submitting an Application for the chance to win their wedding planned by the Wedding Dream Team should read all the information below for eligibility rules, requirements of participation and an explanation of what will be expected from them if they are selected as the winning couple.

 For any couple’s Application to be considered, their Application must be legible and complete, and each applicant must, read and sign the Application where indicated.  Only one (1) application per couple/person permitted.  The requirements detailed in this application cannot be waived or changed except by the Wedding Dream Team.  Those who cannot agree on these requirements should not submit an Application.
2.  Eligibility Criteria
 To apply and to be eligible for consideration to participation in the Wedding Giveaway, all applicants must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:
Each applicant, of a couple submitting an Application, must be at least twenty one (21) years of age.  The couple submitting an Application must have become engaged to be married prior to June 15, 2009.   Each applicant must be of good moral character, must have never been convicted of a crime of any nature and must have nothing in his or her background that would be of embarrassment. 

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